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There is an old saying that says: “If you see it, go for it!” 

We saw a huge gap in the seed industry that needed to be filled, and decided to do so. We knew there were only a few ways of doing it. Our main technique is the unique genetics we use, giving the ultimate greater stability, higher yield and affordable prices effect to all farmers. 


Our unique genetics

Delta Seed is a registered seed company trading since the year 2000.

We are doing reseacrh in Kroonstad and Ventersburg. Our processing
plant is also situated Kroonstad. We produce hybrid seed the Grootpan, Groblersdal and Komatipoort areas. Our research effort mainly targets breeding drought and heat tolerant maize cultivars with an acceptable resistance to the main leaf and stalk diseases and cob rot. We also strive to breed white hybrids with a high milling quality and exceptionally dark yellow hybrids for the feeding of livestock and poultry.

Our breeding effort centres around local germplasm with proven heat and drought tolerance selected over more than 50 years.  Our germplasm also includes the best genetic material from the USA, which form the backbone of their corn seed industry.

Delta Seed places a high value on yield stability especially in regard with predicted changes in future weather patterns. All Delta Seed cultivars are NON-GMO and suitable for organic farming. Our development work is carried out by highly qualified and experienced breeders with international experience.

New Hybrids: Our research program produces new combinations every year that are thoroughly evaluated before release. New hybrids will be produced on a small scale and will be tested with growers in comparative on farm trials before being marketed. Feedback from producers will always be taken into account before any new cultivars are released.

Stability & YieldOur focus is to produce.

Hybrids that will perform year in and year out despite the temperature and rainfall. Hybrids with good general disease tolerance. Multi cobbing hybrids that deliver more stability and that have the potential to excel under favourable conditions where they are able to compensate and get more ears and grain fill per ear. Hybrids that can perform at lower plant population which reduces risk.

What our genetics have to offer

Untitled design-12.png

Cost Effective

Untitled design-15.png

Deliver superior grain quality


Good standing ability

Untitled design-13.png

Boasts excellent emergence

Untitled design-16.png

Drought and heat tolerant


Excellent milling quality

Untitled design-14.png

High yielding capacity and stability

Untitled design-17.png

High disease tolerance


Proven to be of the best conventional maize seed in Southern Africa

DELTA Board of Directors

Delta Saad | Seed is proudly led and driven by directors with passion and expertise in the seed industry.

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